Kind words from clients...

  • “Apples & Chocolate takes the time to really listen to their clients before recommending solutions. This measured approach guarantees a cost-effective, productive, and rewarding experience. The end result is that you not only get what you need, you are also energized and empowered by the experience.”

    Chandler Coyle
    Chandler CoyleBerklee Online Music Business Instructor
  • “I knew immediately that I’d made the right decision. His understanding of web design and site optimization helped me execute a carefully formulated plan and gave me the confidence that my business was headed in the right direction.”

    Mike Dennison
    Mike DennisonYoga Made For Runners
  • Andy at is by far the best web developer I have ever worked with.

    He has a great attention to detail and a real passion for his craft which comes through in all his work. He suggested a number of usability features that have greatly enhanced my site far beyond what I ever expected.

    I was delighted to discover he has equal strength’s in both the creative and technical aspects of his craft. Andy is very professional, quick, and dedicated.

    I would highly recommend Andy and look forward to working with him on my next project in the very near future…

    Chris Brown
    Chris BrownChris Brown Photography
  • In 2019 I decided my website needed to be completely overhauled and redesigned, and when discussing this with a professional photographer colleague of mine, I was told that Andy Warren would be an excellent person to contact for this particular project. We met a few days later and it was immediately clear my colleague’s judgement in this matter was spot on.

    In the last 2 years, we have had numerous meetings: at first in person and then, with the advent of Covid, more remotely. During this entire time I have found Andy to be, among his many other attributes, not just a very gifted web designer, who made a perfect site for me I absolutely love, but a stellar human being as well.

    Doane Gregory
    Doane GregoryUnit Stills and Fine Art Photographer
  • “Andy put together a website that all of my musical friends are in awe of.  It’s fully functional and packed with info yet subtle and airy.  His design ideas captured everything I was hoping to convey about my style and represents me in a clear and professional way.  I try to refer everyone I know to him.”

    Geoff Hicks
    Geoff HicksTop Session & Live Drummer
  • “Thx for everything Andy, it’s truly been a good time going thru this process with you and I love the end result!”

    Rick Ballard
    Rick BallardAcetate Records
  • “He has created two websites for me that are, quite simply, beautifully crafted. I have had numerous compliments about the look of my websites, the ease with which to find information, the stunning designs.”

    Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas SmithVoiceover Actor
  • “It is with ease that I can recommend Andy Warren as a website developer. His thoughtful, thorough approach, dedication to making it right and helpfulness with follow up questions, makes it easy to recommend Andy and his work.”

    Sean Hamilton
    Sean HamiltonSunday Funday Softball League