What's all this then?

I‘ve been a freelance developer since the early 2000s.

Prior to that, I was a marketing manager at a large dot com (savingumoney.com – now defunct).

I specialize in WordPress and Shopify, and have built sites for businesses in several different industries.

I’m also a musician, and have extra experience in the music business and online music marketing. I have worked with most, if not all of the platforms and services available that specialize in e-commerce and online marketing for musicians.

In 2012, I completed the Berklee Music Business Course – Online Music Marketing with Topspin.

It’s a rapidly evolving industry, and I enjoy staying on top of the changes. Some of the sources that help: Digital Music Trends podcast, HypebotDigital Music News, The Coyle Report, Above The Noise Podcast.

I also have a growing network of colleagues with whom I collaborate on larger projects.

“Apples & Chocolate” comes from an article I read on the health benefits of apples and chocolate as a powerful food combination. A kind of food synergy.

It reminded me that web site development is most successful when there is design synergy – a real collaboration between client and developer. I highly value your input and wishes.


Andy Warren

Key Design Goals

  • Mobile-friendly (Responsive)
  • User-friendly
  • Management-friendly
  • Elegant, uncluttered

Music Biz Platform Experience